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Sweet Agony

Memories of a sweet love lost. How do you know when you have found the love of your life? Does the longing for a lost love ever go away?


Halloween With Harley

Halloween is a time for ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and all sorts of paranormal events. It is the perfect time for pranks.

Harley loves pranks.

Come Ride With Harley during Halloween.


Valentine cover Smashwords

A Harley Valentine

Harley wanted to give Mari the best Valentine’s Day ever. He didn’t count on Murphy’s Law getting in the way.

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Outlaw Ride

A motorcycle ride with a club goes wrong. Harley takes a ride and meets up with an Outlaw Motorcycle Club.

The_Dance_Cover_for_Kindle (1)

The Dance

A sweet romance with a mysterious stranger centered around a waltz. Can he fill the void in her heart left by Harley or is he a devil in disguise?


Ghost Rider Cover Smashwords

Ghost Rider

Mari is haunted by a vision of Harley during her stay at the Condor Ridge Resort. Is he a ghost, a demon, or a sweet memory of a tender love? Can love transcend time and space to last an eternity?

Halloween With Harley 2

Halloween With Harley 2

Harley was fascinated by the macabre, paranormal, Ufos, and ghosts. What better time to investigate an abandoned haunted tuberculosis hospital than Halloween?

Come Ride With Harley on a wild ghost hunt.

Christmas With Young Harley.

Christmas With Young Harley

Spend a memorable Christmas with young Harley as he performs for the first time at the annual Christmas benefit concert before heading to his grandparents and a lively holiday at the resort.

Come Ride With Harley in celebration of Christmas.



The Old Mill House

Abigail and Peter found each other during a chance encounter. Can their love transcend time and immortality, or is it doomed from the beginning?

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