Harley & and Me is coming

My long awaited novel Harley & Me is coming out next month. It will be available as an eBook on the Kindle format as well as in paperback.

I am so excited to share this with you.

Everyone has a love story to tell. This is the story of Harley and Mari. Why not tell me yours? How did you meet your love?




Does Love Die After Loss?

Does Love Die After Loss?

Do you ever stop loving a person even though they are no longer in your life? What happens if the person dies?

Some people claim that after a period of mourning you simply move on and find another love. But, what happens if the person you lost was your true love? Can you ever find another true love, or do you find someone to fill the gap?


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Does Love at First Sight Exist?

Does Love at First Sight Exist?

Some people say it took them awhile before they realized they were in love. Others claim they knew immediately they had found the one person they were meant to be with.

Is it possible to fall in love immediately? Or does it take time to get to know the person first? Is love at first sight just a jumble of physical attraction and emotions? How long does it take to fall completely and truly in love?

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What Makes You Fall In Love?

 Is it the way a person looks? Do you like the dangerous rebel or the sweet and innocent? What draws you to a person?

Harley was drawn to Mari’s innocence. Her quiet demeanor soothed his need to wander. Mari was pulled toward the confident rebel. He took away her fears.

Is it a scent that brings people together? Harley smelled of Irish Spring, a popular soap in the ‘70’s. Mari wore a hint of Jontue Perfume. He liked roses and she liked the smell of lemons.

What about music? Did music draw you to your love? Harley loved the original Steppenwolf and, John Kay and Steppenwolf, and The Grateful Dead. Mari loved Bob Seger, Gordon Lightfoot, and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Or is it a common love for a hobby that brings people together? Harley loved the open road and riding his motorcycle. Mari liked to travel. Both enjoyed visiting historical places as well as natural landmarks and parks.

What attracted you to the love of your life?

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The Song of Love


Can music alter your perception of love, or does it enhance the experience? Music brings out emotions whether it is melancholy, joyful, spiritual, exciting, or peaceful. Music runs the entire gamut of emotion.

As a young woman, music was central to Mari’s life. She always had a song playing. Harley used it to express his emotions and to open Mari to the song of life.

Some songs are very poetic, while others sound like a bunch of screeches. Instrumentals soar down highways of music giving the listener a roller coaster ride of flutes, pianos, guitars, organs, sax, drums, anything that makes sound including jars and bells, and sticks.

Voices rise in triumph, defeat, and everything in-between.


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Tender Love (c) 2016

His was a warm and tender love. He always looked out for me even when he was being a bit of a devil. He showed his affection not so much in words, but in deeds. The gentle touch of his hand on my arm as he led me around a puddle, the way he cocked his head and gazed into my eyes, and the sheer joy that spread across his face when he saw me waiting for him in the parking lot. He watched over me by trying to keep me safe when I did something foolish, but he never suffocated me. He gave me freedom and wings to fly high and experience life in all its glory.

The passage of years has not softened my longing for him or diminished the memories we had made. True love is a once in a lifetime event. Once you have, it never really goes away.

With the growing colors of spring, the sparkling dew, the fresh scent of grass, trees, flowers, the chirping of birds, the pleasant coolness of the awakening day, the feeling of serenity, of being at peace with the world overcomes me.

I won’t be caught hiding in the shadows full of sorrow. He wouldn’t want me to live in sadness. There’s no one whispering in my ears. It’s so peaceful here and so lonely.

There comes a time when you feel the want to leave, to see the world, indeed, the universe, outside of your heart, your here and now.

Oh, how I wish I could visit the places he had, to see the sights as he viewed them. It would bring a calming influence to my soul to know that I walked along the same paths, trails, and markets where he once trod. What joy I would experience just knowing I sampled the same foods, cultures, and environs he loved.

I wish, perhaps, to call upon some angel will hear my plea and want to help. Perhaps, I think the kind angel will bring him back to me.


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How Did You Know You Were In Love? (c) 2016

How did you know you were in love and this person was your true love? Was it a chance meeting in a public place, introduction by family or friends, or some other way? I love hearing how couples met. It causes a rush of emotions that often lead to joy, adventure, and sometimes heartache.

Did you click right away? Or did you hate each other, or were you somewhere in between? For me, I didn’t realize he was interested in me until he barged into my inner circle of friends. What a shock it was to learn that this gorgeous, dare devil of a man was interested in me.

Even more surprising was his confession that he had been attracted to me since he first noticed me at orientation. For him it was love at first sight; for me it took awhile longer.

He pulled every trick in the book of romance to make me fall in love. I was naïve and oblivious to his attentions and thought of him as just a friend, even though a simple kiss sent my heart pounding and a hug brought about warmth I didn’t know what to do with.

I soon learned that not only was I falling in love, but he felt like he was literally my other half. We were soul mates.



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What is Love? (c) 2016

IMG_8862-2What is love is a question that has been handed down through the ages. Is it the fluttering butterfly feelings you get in the pit of your stomach when you think of them? Is it the smile that graces his face when he sees you? is it the warm feeling of safety and security you get from being with that one special person?

Is true love the knowledge that you will always be together regardless of what happens? That no one can separate you, not even death?

Can you ever really lose a true love? Or does love survive past the boundaries of our physical lives?

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A Romantic Journey (c) 2016

A Romantic Journey

Have you ever loved so deeply that years later you still feel the same way about a person? Such was the love of Harley & Mari. While Harley fell deeply in love with her immediately, it took her a little longer.

What can you say about a person who encouraged you to live life fully? Harley loved adventure. Mari was an adrenaline junkie in that she enjoyed rock climbing and flying. Even so, she was a bit more timid in other areas. When she was scared, he would pull her into his arms and hold her closely until her fears went away.

Can a true love ever die? I like to believe they are with you always. If you love deeply, you never say goodbye.


A Romantic Journey (c) 2016

Sweet Agony: A prelude to Harley & Me (c) 2016

Have you ever had a love so profound it altered your life? Such is the love of Mari and Harley. He was her everything. She was his reason for being. He fell in deeply love  the moment he first laid eyes on her.

He was a biker who made his money customizing and creating accessories for a variety of motorcycles. He loved Steppenwolf, riding his Harley hog, and most of all, he loved Mari. He was her angel and he was her devil and their love would never fade over time.

Memories of a sweet love lost. How do you know when you have found the love of your life? Does the longing for a lost love ever go away?



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