Boardwalk Angel an Episodic Novel

Amazon has a new publishing platform called Amazon Vella. Novels are written as short episodes. The first three are free to read. After the third episode readers pay in tokens to read each additional part. The number of tokens needed is based on the word count.

I’m pleased to announce my first episodic novel, Boardwalk Angel. A summer beach surf romance novel with secrets to discover.

Meet Morgan and Ryker.

Morgan felt like her family, friends, and the world has let her down. The mechanical fortune teller told her an end to her loneliness was at hand. An angel will come into her life and fill her with love.

Ryker met her out on the boardwalk. He was a bad boy surfer dude with a delicately drawn angel wing tattoo. He was drawn to her beauty and ached to relieve her loneliness. Could he be the angel the fortune telling machine indicated?

Why did Morgan feel estranged from her family? What secret was Ryker hiding? Read Boardwalk Angel and discover their mysteries.

Available on Amazon Kindle Vella.


Published by cassandraparkerauthorblog

I write romance stories. I love romance and all the emotion that goes with it. I love the joy and the heartache, the feeling of being in love with someone special.

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