Raising Funds to start an Indie Publishing Imprint

So many people have stories to tell that they can’t get published by the traditional route and they don’t know how to self publish. cassandraparkerbooks.com (website under development) wants to change that. We can only do this if we reach our funding goal. Please consider donating.

Support Indie Publishing

I am starting an indie publishing imprint. I am creating a website for authors with many of the services of a traditional publisher. We will take submissions for stories. To do this I am seeking donations to cover website, cover, and publishing costs. Below is the link. If it isn’t clickable, please copy and pasteContinue reading “Support Indie Publishing”


I’m in the process of having a new website and logo designed. I’m very excited. My upcoming novel, Garrett & Harley is running a little behind. In the meantime, why not enjoy some of my newest short stories? Come Ride With Me and Riding Out the Storm is available at your favorite ebook stores.