How do You Know He/She is the One?

I was asked the other day, how do you know if the person you are seeing is The One for you?

That’s a good question. Is it the way your heart beats rapidly at the mere thought of that person? Or are you looking through the proverbial rose colored glasses?

How does this person make you feel? Are you euphoric? Giddy with joy? Do you only see good things? Chances are, you are wishing for true love.

Does this person look out for you? Make you feel safe and protected without stifling you? Do they encourage you to seek out your goals and offer to help you, even if it’s only encouragement? Does your being happy make them feel the same? Or are they mainly focused on what they want, and what you can give them?

In my Ride With Harley books, the two main characters, Harley and Mari both strive to take care of, encourage, and support each other through family problems, health issues, and mistakes they make.

I believe true love means never abandoning the other. If you love them, you help them through obstacles and to reach their personal goals.

I also believe there may be a time when the relationship no longer works. I’m not saying you should remain in a relationship that has become abusive or destructive regardless of your attempts to reconcile the problem. If you are in danger, you should leave and find a safe haven.

I have also witnessed a bad relationship turn around due to the couple’s love for each other and willingness to work out their problems.

True love is steadfast through adversity and does not emotionally or physically harm.

True love never dies even when the partner passes from this world into the heavens.



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I write romance stories. I love romance and all the emotion that goes with it. I love the joy and the heartache, the feeling of being in love with someone special.

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