A Romantic Journey (c) 2016

A Romantic Journey

Have you ever loved so deeply that years later you still feel the same way about a person? Such was the love of Harley & Mari. While Harley fell deeply in love with her immediately, it took her a little longer.

What can you say about a person who encouraged you to live life fully? Harley loved adventure. Mari was an adrenaline junkie in that she enjoyed rock climbing and flying. Even so, she was a bit more timid in other areas. When she was scared, he would pull her into his arms and hold her closely until her fears went away.

Can a true love ever die? I like to believe they are with you always. If you love deeply, you never say goodbye.



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I write romance stories. I love romance and all the emotion that goes with it. I love the joy and the heartache, the feeling of being in love with someone special.

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